We have been working hard on developing our brand of accessories including hats, tees, headbands and our very own Neckies. You can check out what we have to sell below, but we thought that we would give you a little more information on the Neckies and why we love them so much. School, university and other group ski trips have always had the associated branded merchandise for people to remember them by, but they are never really massively practical whilst on the slopes. This is why we went about developing our Neckie, a very versatile neckwarmer, that is fully customisable and allows you to be that little bit warmer on the slopes.

If you are running a trip this year then please drop us an email as we would love to hear where you are going and what you have planned. It would also be great to talk to you about the potential of getting some Neckies made up for your group. If you are feeling creative, you can start from scratch or we can help you out with a few ideas. It is very simple, we send you a size template and you email it back with your design.

Another thing that we thought that you would like to know is that throughout the year we will be running a monthly competition to win a variety of prizes. All you need to do is take a picture of yourself in the strangest places wearing your neckie. Then simply tag yourself and us on Facebook. We will pick the best pictures each month which will win a prize. Happy tagging!

Please do get in touch with us if you would like to know about our Neckies or any other accessories we can customise for you and your group.