So you have rented clothing for your upcoming trip to the slopes. This means that you will be provided with the option that you selected for the duration of your trip. Your event organisers will let you know the exact collection and return details.

Before we hand over the items, we ask for you to authenticate payment below, this is simply for our security. It is like a card swipe for a bar tab.

Please ensure that you give us a correct mobile number for yourselves as we will text you any information with regards to your rental. We promise that it will not be used for any other reason.

We hope that you enjoy the mountains!

Holiday Ref No
Mobile Number

Please note that funds sometimes get frozen for a maximum of a few days if you use a debit card so a credit card maybe preferable. This will mean that on your account, it may show -£200 for the first few days. This does not mean that money has been taken, it simply means that it is frozen / pending for a few days.

By authenicating, you guarantee that you will return your items at the agreed time and method for your trip.

Items do not need to be cleaned before return. Money will only be taken if

• Items are damaged (at the discretion of Crevasse Clothing staff)
• Items are lost
• Items are unreasonable dirty (at the discretion of Crevasse Clothing staff)
• Items are not returned