So you have rented clothing through your event's booking pages. This means that you will be provided with the option that you selected for the duration of your trip. Your event organisers will let you know the exact details of fittings and returns. In order to pick up your items, we ask for you to pay a deposit which we hold incase of loss or excessive damage. The deposit will then be returned to you electronically after you have returned your items at the designated return place and date.

Once you have paid your deposit, please print the receipt to bring it to the fitting sessions in order to pick up your gear.

Please also ensure that you select which event that you are attending.

We hope that you enjoy the mountains!

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By paying the deposit you agree that you will return the items on the Friday departure night before 10pm latest (unless otherwise stated for individual events).

The equipment does not need to be returned clean, however, the deposit will not be refunded if:

• Items are in anyway damaged (at the discretion of Crevasse Clothing staff)
• Items are lost
• Items are unreasonable dirty (at the discretion of Crevasse Clothing staff) i.e red wine stains, vomit, mud.
• Items not returned before coach departure or 10pm latest on Friday departure.